Welcome to Primrose room, in Primrose we care for children aged 2 to 3 years. Our main room is set up for the children to freely access all equipment and resources, they can choose if they want to play in the creative area, in the home corner, they may wish to sit and read a book. We have a messy room for the children to access different materials such as paint, malleable materials, water and sand. The children can choose to go outside and access the mud kitchen, bikes, balls, den building or just run around and get some fresh air. Primrose room encourages the children to be independent across all areas, making their own choices. The two-year-old check is carried out linking to the health visitors check providing a baseline to their development.

Class duration

Full Day 8am until 6pm.
Morning Session 8am until 1pm.
Afternoon Session 1pm until 6pm